Founding Sponsors Wanted

Our initial goal is to raise $10,000 to establish the non-profit company and 501c3 status as well as fund the development of nia coin, the currency that will power the ACEF ecosystem (explained in the FAQs below).  The minimum contribution for founding sponsors is $2,500.


What is the mission of ACEF?

To support a global, decentralized, Afrikan-centered education system.

How will ACEF achieve its mission?

1. Fundraising for existing and planned Afrikan-centered school and institutions

2. Distributing Afrikan-centered research and curriculums

3. Providing resources to train Afrikan-centered teachers

4. Developing standards for Afrikan-centered schools and institutions

5. Certifying Afrikan-centered schools and institutions

6. Organizing local, regional, and national interschool programs (i.e. science fairs, robotics competitions, chess tournaments, etc.)

7. Creating an online repository of documents and videos related to Afrikan-centered education, including, but not limited to, and online school similar to Khan Academy.

8. Financially rewarding and empowering Afrikan-centered teachers

Do you support Charter schools?

In short, no.  Our mission is to support a fully independent Afrikcan-centered education system.  We do not believe an Afrikan-centered charter school can be managed without compromising the integrity of the curriculum and uphold Afrikan-centered values.

How is ACEF funded?

Our main source of funding will initially be donations from businesses and people like you.  The ACEF ecosystem will eventually powered by a cryptocurrency called niacoin (ticker symbol: NIA).  NIA will be used by supporters to donate to schools, by students to pay for courses, by schools to pay teachers, and by teachers to either spend or fund their retirement.  NIA will be able to be converted to fiat (USD, EUR, GBP, etc.) or other cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, ethereum, etc.